Masaaki Haga


セルフリリースのほかスペインのCitrica Recordsやインドのreset networksなどのレーベルからもリリースをしていおり、2023年は新潟県魚沼市で開催されたアートフェスFLOUに出演し、インドでreset Networks live 2023 tour に出演。

Masaaki H.'s music is characterized by original sounds which is created by collaging various sound artifacts including those from nature, soundscapes and samples. he later uses sound programming technqiues to create a distinct soundscape, which is centred on electronic ambient music. his music also explores new expressions and world views, making it stand out from the rest. he is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of electronic music, which gives his music a distinct character.
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