Liggy K

Liggy K is a DJ & Producer & Art Director (LKD Interactive) & A&R for Fearless Recordings, host of the Fearless Podcast (DI.FM).

From an early age, she loved "Cosmos (TV series)" and the synthesizer sound of Vangelis, who was in charge of the music, felt like the universe. In high school, she discovered house music. Her musical backbone was influenced by his father, who also influenced his own track production, including jazz, classical music, and new age music.

She later began spinning at various clubs, but retired from DJing when the scene shifted. However, in 2011, she started to broadcast her DJing on Metaverse's "SecondLife" and has been doing so up to the present. Her specialty is melodic house & techno, progressive house, and she spins various genres.

Her main productions are Her first single "Nebula (2017)" and second single "Annihilation (2018)" on the Canadian label PinappleDigital. She also released an EP "Arcturus / Betelgeuse" in February 2021 and "Takuya Yamashita - A Thread of Light (Liggy K Remix) (2021)" the following year (2021) on ZODIAC13 Records The following year, the group was owned by Luna Shimada. In July 2022, he released a new EP "Jupiter Deep".
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