Sunset To Moonrise (ARK-DOE Remix) / Kohei Umeshita

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Mind Illusion Digital Infected
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Sunset To Moonrise (ARK-DOE Remix) Kohei Umeshita (Remixed by : ARK-DOE) Ask Label



The original is a gentle euphoric trance, but this remixed version is more of an uplifting trance with a dance floor feel. The remixer in charge of this remix is ARK-DOE, who has been working mainly with trance music in Sapporo for many years.

Original version concept is one day in the summer of the last year of my teens, there is something that feels like the moon that gradually appears from the beautiful orange of the sunset that I’m used to seeing, and I want to leave this for something. This “Sunset To Moonrise” is expressed in trance music