Recollections (Izu Remix) / Kohei Umeshita

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Mind Illusion Digital Infected
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Recollections (Izu Remix) Kohei Umeshita (Remixed by : Izu) Ask Label


2012年に82.5 FM NORTH WAVEのハウス専門FMラジオプログラムにてDJにプレイされ、番組内で先行公開されたRecollectionsのIzu Remixが2016年に待望の音源化、ピアノ弾きである自身の亡き友人との記憶や思い出を思い浮かべつつ、リコレクションと言うテーマの元に彼の残したスコアの断片も元に作り上げられたハウスミュージックをプログハウス中心に活躍しているIzuがリミックスを手がけ最高にフロアマッチングするチューンに仕上がった!

In 2012, Izu Remix of Recollections, which was played by DJ on 82.5 FM NORTH WAVE’s house-specialized FM radio program and pre-released in the program, was made into a long-awaited sound source in 2016, with his late friend who is playing the piano. Izu, who is active mainly in the progress of house music created based on the fragment of the score left by him under the theme of recollection while thinking of memories and memories, is working on the remix and the best floor matching tune. Finished in!