Haruiro / Kei How (Komputer slave)

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Haruiro Kei How (Komputer slave) Ask Me


Kei How (Komputer slave)

I created a noisy, percussive hard minimalist. It was created with the image of dust from the wind in Tokachi, Japan.

Kei How (Howling Kei)
Released 40 tracks so far, including Europe and South America.
Representatives include Spring Tube, Oxy Tech, Zodiac13, etc.
In 2023, the collaboration work Tohokushin EP with Mr. R-04 and Mr. Explain will be released on Muller Records, headed by Frank Muller.
Release. Tohokujin is praised by John Digweed, Carl Craig, Satoshi Fumi and more
His tracks have also been played by Satoshi Fumi and Hiroshi Watanabe.
In 2024, it will be released on the label of Kana, who was a DJ at reboot.
We will be remixing a track by hideyoshi, who has worked on videos for Takeshi Kitano and others.

代表としてSpring Tube,Oxy Tech,Zodiac13など
2023年にはR-04氏とExplain氏とコラボ作東北神EPがFrank Muller主宰のMuller Recordsから
リリース.東北神はJohn Digweed、Carl Craig、Satoshi Fumi氏などから評価される
自身のトラックはSatoshi Fumi氏やHiroshi Watanabe氏にもDJでプレイされた