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Mind Illusion Digital Infected
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門外不出のリミックス遂に解禁!ARK-DOEの代表曲でもある「Momentary Heaven」を後に業界に彗星の如く現れる事となるUnknown Creatorが若かりし頃手掛けた事実上これが初の他アーティストへのリミックス提供でありUnknown Creator初のダンスサウンドである。このヴァージョンの特長は原曲の良さを生かしつつエッジを効かせたサウンドメイキングに加え他のヴァージョンとの違いは格段にBPMが上がった事によるノリと雰囲気である。

The ban on remixes that are out of the gate is finally lifted! Unknown Creator, who became famous as a commercial musician for ARK-DOE’s representative song “Momentary Heaven”, worked on it when he was young, and this is virtually the first remix provided to other artists. Unknown Creator’s first dance music. This version has a sound making that makes the best use of the goodness of the original song and has an edge, and the difference from other versions is the feeling and atmosphere due to the dramatically increased BPM.